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Amielle Moreno and Leah Krevitt are two scientifically trained and certifiably funny females bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest neuroscience research with humor, humility, and humanity.


2021 September 13 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

This episode covers topics from the pharmacy to the farmyard, with lots of tangents. Experience the music of felines before you learn just how sneaky supplement companies can be. Then, fix yourself a PB&J sandwich while you learn all about goat reproduction. Also, electron cliches.

2021 August 30 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

So that hot paper at the end of the bar shot you down. What are you going to do, activate your mammillary bodies in conjunction with your anterior hypothalamus (Wang et al., 2021)? Are you going to let your microglia activate in your anterior cingulate cortex (Cao, Chen, Liu et al., 2021)?! No! You’re going to make some goat curry and join the journal club as we discuss microglia munchies and mouse obstacle courses! Also, NC-17 drawings.

2021 August 15 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

The H-index is off the charts as Amielle and Nicole Davies chat about how attention and syllables don’t exist. We learn about a new non-pharmaceutical ADHD treatment that threatens to ruin video games (Mishra et al., 2021). And there’s sometimes a good reason why juvenile zebra finches decide to disobey their tutors (Tchernichovski et al., 2021). Also, c&#$ plots.

2021 August 02 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

How can data be both unexpected and unsurprising? Founding editor of the Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience Plinio Casarotto helps us shed some light (heh heh heh) on an intriguing optogenetics preprint. We talk picking your parameters for photostimulation, preparing your papers for publication, and escaping the valley of frustration. Also, Miss America.

Good science may be reproducible, but this episode is one of a kind! Well, it’s part one of two fantastic chats we had with special guest Dr. Plinio Casarotto, founding editor of the Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience. You (yes, you) should consider submitting to it–or to the newly established Journal of Muffled Screams. We get into the importance of giving librarians their due, giving kids a clue, and giving mice the blues. Also: home labs.

Bayesian buff and actual dang professor Dr. Rachel Branco joins us for puppies, p-values, and prurient PET scans. She bursts some amyloid-beta bubbles with the latest Alzheimer’s news from the FDA. We also dive into the complex relationships between opioid receptors and sex drive, as well as the complex relationships between fitsing and sitsing. All the while, we wonder: what is a cell? (A soup? A gruel? An étouffée? A Pixar blockbuster waiting to happen?) Also: carnival mallets.

Amielle has two good excuses: she had the flu, and she was doing it for science. Why she decided to share has more to do with owning up to the fragility of being human. This episode has it all: Wolves! Whales! Typewriter chatbots! Nitrous! Immediate early genes! Toe tapping! Also, treacherous toots.

With Leah away, Amielle pulls funny man Tom Hage off the street to talk about casual topics such as antidepressants and racism. Was this all a huge mistake? We will non-experts handling such topics cause outcry? Like the american medical journal JAMA we’d prefer to not know how wrong we are.

(After some intense discussion about Israel) the hosts present new research and some neuroscience in the news! There’s neural architectural changes going on during medically induced comas, urine coming out of paws and a big, scary, new prion-like disease has popped up in Canada. And we wrap it all up with one of the best take-aways of all time: Say True Shit! Also, Roll Tide (of cyanobacteria)!

Friend of the show Nicole Davies drops by to guest host and discuss the neural effects of songs, both in the forest and in the fMRI scanner. We get into the differences between wanting and liking, grumpy backseat scientists, and otters. Also: great tits.