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It’s the best neuroscience and comedy podcast of all time! Amielle Moreno and Leah Krevitt are two scientifically trained and certifiably funny females bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest neuroscience research with humor, humility, and humanity.

Unlike stuffy science podcasts, the MBJC is mixing some sucrose into your science diet. Each episode is packed with humor as well as fascinating new discoveries on why we do what we do. Topics range from Autism to Alzheimers, covering neurological disorders as well as research on basic behaviors like eating and sex. Beyond the findings, the hosts are dedicated to providing insight on how research really gets done. They’re also willing to share their scientific view of the world around us as well as some of their embarrassing personal stories.

The world deserves a neuroscience and comedy podcast, and the ladies at the Miss Behavior Journal Club are happy to oblige. Come join the club!

And be sure to mis-behave!


2022 January 17 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

While New Years gives us a chance to start fresh, we explore how biology does not. It’s nice and all that the neural nets of the world are creating the best new year’s resolutions for us, their play dough-like (or play dough familiar) counterparts. But, it seems the hormones of the prenatal environment are making some big decisions on our later behavior, governing how much myelin we’re growing. Also, quid nominum geminus?

2022 January 03 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

This week at the club, Amielle is joined by Nicole Davies to discuss possibly our most ironic paper. Amielle tackles her arch nemesis, dyslexia, when presenting a monster of a GWAS study on… developmental dyslexia! Get ready for Playboy magazine analogies, sad birthdays, politician punching and more hating on the country of Spain. Also, gas intelligence.

2021 December 20 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

Ho Ho Who’s gonna make you wish you were dating a barnacle, talk about witches, and why your dad stays on the sauce? It’s Tom and Amielle! These two ho-ligans are getting into childhood development and the belief in Santa, as well as punishment-resistant alcohol drinking (Domi, Xu, et al., 2021). So, pour yourself a mug of eggnog and gather the 1940s rat children around the ol’ podcast player, because this is as X-mas-y the podcast is ever gonna get.

2021 December 06 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

Who the hell do these scientific journals think they are? The hosts uncover the true relationship between scientists and these demanding domains. Meanwhile, greedy scientists are paid to eat icecream?! What is the world coming to? Also, the most spit-tastic bonus clip ever!

2021 November 22 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

Hope you’re ready to metabolize a brand new episode all about tasty foods. This episode is served steaming hot with how umami flavors are making you wanna eat more. The superiority of biology over physics is on full display as it destroys basic measurements of conservation of mass. We also have a guest appearance of a surprise organ we don’t often spend time with, the liver! Also, gout.

2021 November 08 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

It may be November, but here at the journal club we’re still Halloween fiends. Long after the thrill of candy is gone, we dive into: more antisocial behavior research, 101 prisoner’s brains, designer evil mice, and SfN-inspired…“games”…? Listen till the end for a life pro tip on how to kill (a relationship). Also, hyena genitals.

2021 October 25 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

Your hosts jump right into misbehaving from the beginning with material too scandalous for BYU. Spooky subjects include: penile memory, festive fisticuffs, and the current state of your long-term relationship.

2021 October 11 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

Things are getting creepy this October at the Journal Club. Professor Branco co-hosts, and shines a light on the twisted diet and sexual behavior of nematodes. We find out what your mouthparts say about your sexual exploits. Then, a pink gummed, murderino Amielle gets into how the fatty acid in your amygdala won’t affect your BMI but might be a biomarker for antisocial personality disorder. Also, pretty beetles.

2021 September 27 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

A steady southerly saltwater storm soaks the journal club parade. Leah rains on Amielle’s personality-test parade! Amielle rains on Leah’s urinating sheep parade! Then Amielle, in true True Neutral fashion, exercises immense cognitive control while she reports on what happens in the cheating brain. Also, Stroopy Boi!

2021 September 13 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

This episode covers topics from the pharmacy to the farmyard, with lots of tangents. Experience the music of felines before you learn just how sneaky supplement companies can be. Then, fix yourself a PB&J sandwich while you learn all about goat reproduction. Also, electron cliches.