Ep. 13: Fiery Rites of Passage (Yoris et al., 2020)

In this episode, we say ‘goodbye’ to a good man, ‘‘hello’ to a new area of neuroscience research and ‘WHAT?!’ to our first guest’s thievery-heavy collider stories. You can watch Dr. Amy Sharma and her merry band of scientists-turned-comedians at Science Jazz Hands! March 23 at 8 PM.


To the best of our abilities, all the work we cite in the show is linked below. Please send any comments, questions, corrections, and/or capybaras to us via Twitter (@MissBehaviorJC).

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  • Multicentric evidence of emotional impairment in hypertensive heart disease (Yoris et al., 2020)
  • Interoception, emotion and brain: new insights link internal physiology to social behaviour. Commentary on:: “Anterior insular cortex mediates bodily sensibility and social anxiety” by Terasawa et al. (2012) (Garfinkel SN & Critchley, 2013)
  • Anterior insular cortex mediates bodily sensibility and social anxiety (Terasawa et al., 2013)
  • What was all that about alligator genitals? Here’s some much-needed context: Gonadal differentiation in reptiles exhibiting environmental sex determination (Kohno et al., 2014)
    (It’s not everyday that you get to use the term ‘reptilian sentinels’…)
  • Here is the C. elegans paper Leah talked about this episode (and thinks about every day): Mating and male pheromone kill Caenorhabditis males through distinct mechanisms (Shi, Runnels, & Murphy, 2017)

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