Ep. 16: Spicy Depression and The Vagus Nerve (Dr. Allen MD Interview)

It’s a themed show, covering the vagus nerve and how a psychiatric treatment called vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) treats depression. Our special guest, Dr Rebecca Allen of Seattle’s Neuropsychiatric Treatment Center discusses life as an neuropsychiatrist and her clinics role in a VNS study. Also, cholera, nude beaches, and butterflies.


To the best of our abilities, all research for planned discussion is cited orally in the show. Please send any concerns about un-cited material to us via Twitter (@MissBehaviorJC).

  • Defining treatment-resistant depression (Gaynes et al., 2019)
  • Allie Brosh, how depression is like having a dead fish is written about in Depression Part Two
  • The Vagus Nerve at the Interface of the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis (Bonaz et al., 2018)
  • Oral selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors activate vagus nerve dependent gut-brain signalling (Neufeld et al., 2019)
  • A 5-Year Observational Study of Patients With Treatment-Resistant Depression Treated With Vagus Nerve Stimulation or Treatment as Usual: Comparison of Response, Remission, and Suicidality (Aaronson et al., 2017)

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