Ep. 21: Three’s a Macromolecular Crowd (feat. guest co-host Dr. Rachel Branco)

Bayesian buff and actual dang professor Dr. Rachel Branco joins us for puppies, p-values, and prurient PET scans. She bursts some amyloid-beta bubbles with the latest Alzheimer’s news from the FDA. We also dive into the complex relationships between opioid receptors and sex drive, as well as the complex relationships between fitsing and sitsing. All the while, we wonder: what is a cell? (A soup? A gruel? An étouffée? A Pixar blockbuster waiting to happen?) Also: carnival mallets.


To the best of our abilities, all research for planned discussion is cited orally in the show. Please send any concerns about un-cited material to us via Twitter (@MissBehaviorJC).

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