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It’s the best neuroscience and comedy podcast of all time! Amielle Moreno and Leah Krevitt are two scientifically trained and certifiably funny females bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest neuroscience research with humor, humility, and humanity.

Unlike stuffy science podcasts, the MBJC is mixing some sucrose into your science diet. Each episode is packed with humor as well as fascinating new discoveries on why we do what we do. Topics range from Autism to Alzheimers, covering neurological disorders as well as research on basic behaviors like eating and sex. Beyond the findings, the hosts are dedicated to providing insight on how research really gets done. They’re also willing to share their scientific view of the world around us as well as some of their embarrassing personal stories.

The world deserves a neuroscience and comedy podcast, and the ladies at the Miss Behavior Journal Club are happy to oblige. Come join the club!

And be sure to mis-behave!


2021 February 15 / Miss Behavior Journal Club

We get good & gross with ancient psychoanalysis, the world’s worst midnight snack, and a new look at an old adage. Also, obscenity.