Category: Cheers From The Press Box

Comedian Brennan Tasseff and professional podcaster Joe Dorvil (A New Low and Who Does A Podcast?) bring you inside their conversations as they breakdown the past week in sports. Producer, El Greg, chimes in and leads a spirited round of Quick Hits.

2021 June 21 / Cheers From The Press Box

The playoffs continue on and Shohei is showing up for the Derby. John Rahm makes a miraculous moment and we discuss Leo. Cheers!

2021 June 13 / Cheers From The Press Box

Joe and Brennan reflect on what they’ve gotten wrong as the playoffs continue. Also they cover how two quarterbacks are dealing with their trade request. We also touch on potential expansion of the CFP, the growth of AEW and more. Cheers!

2021 June 07 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe give you all the playoff coverage you’re looking for. Also Julio has a new home, Coach K is going home, and John Rahm is stuck home. Cheers!

Joe and Brennan recap the playoffs of the NBA and NHL, they also talk new developments with Rodgers and finally discuss a landing place for Julio. Lefty is back in the news and Joe had a bad day, but by you listening you’ve made it better. Cheers!

It is Playoffs all the time. Brennan and Joe breakdown the NBA and NHL playoffs. We discuss the future of Julio Jones and our “favorite” mascots. We talk Lefty and The W. Joe looks back at a season that could’ve been and Brennan cries. Cheers!

Two sets of playoffs, Joe and Brennan discuss the play-in structure of the NBA and what happened in Game 1’s for the NHL. We also discuss some TE signings and the NFL schedule. WNBA started up and Joe is over the moon and there’s another Super League hiding in the midst. Cheers!

Brennan carries Joe, like Pippen did Jordan. Also we talk a lot of sports and got our first bit of breaking news and don’t know how to handle it. It’s a fun, funny, sleepy pod this week. But don’t even mention James Harden to Joe. Brennan also has a few choice words for Urban Meyer. So brew some tea and enjoy some summer rain. Cheers!

Joe and Brennan give their thoughts and opinions on everything Draft related, include the bombshell preceding it. We also go over the week in the NBA and look ahead at the final week in the NHL. We talk ponies, and Fulham in the Quick Hits and end it with a little more Draft coverage. Cheers!

2021 April 26 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe go in-depth on the NFL Draft. They then discuss the playoff landscape in East of the NBA and get into the NHL playoff picture. They also get into some MLB, UFC and gambling. Sit down for this doozy with cold one in the city-state of Florida. Cheers!

2021 April 19 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe bring you the news of the weekend in sports from the thrill NBA games to the head-to-head of their teams in the NHL. They also discuss Trevor Lawrence’s motivation to play and whether or not some guys are Hall of Famers. All that and more. So grab your nachos and beer. Cheers!