Category: Cheers From The Press Box

Comedian Brennan Tasseff and professional podcaster Joe Dorvil (A New Low and Who Does A Podcast?) bring you inside their conversations as they breakdown the past week in sports. Producer, El Greg, chimes in and leads a spirited round of Quick Hits.

2021 August 09 / Cheers From The Press Box

We set our sites on the AFC West and the end of the Olympics. We talk about a few teams treading downward in the MLB and we finally get to that ever alluding Quick Hit. Cheers!

2021 August 02 / Cheers From The Press Box

Rodgers showed up so we can finally cover the NFC North. We also breakdown all the trades that went down during the deadline in MLB and some things happened in Tokyo that needed to be discussed. We also look at the Lakers new player and some breaking news takes place during the show. Two heartfelt Walk-offs, so get the tissues ready. Cheers!

2021 July 25 / Cheers From The Press Box

Past the playoffs the boys key in on the AFC East for this weeks preview. They touch on some MLB topics and Olympic moments as well as discuss the Big 12 exodus and who will be the next Laker point guard. Get it in the pool if you can. Cheers!

2021 July 20 / Cheers From The Press Box

Sorry to be late, (long weekend), but we’re here now. We recap the Finals, the first half of the MLB season and preview the NFC West. A lot to catch up on so buckle up. Cheers!

2021 July 12 / Cheers From The Press Box

Joe and Brennan recap the NHL and preview the end of the Finals. We also look at the AFC North. Look of quick hits this week. Cheers!

2021 July 05 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe breakdown the last week of games in the NBA and poke fun at Canada. The boys also preview the NFC South. They lend there thoughts and opinions on some pressing things and not so pressing things. Cheers!

2021 June 28 / Cheers From The Press Box

Joe and Brennan have a passionate conversation ranging from playoff basketball to some of the things going on in the NFL. With the Stanley Cup Final set to begin, the boys pick a team. We also talk Olympics and other things. Cheers!

2021 June 21 / Cheers From The Press Box

The playoffs continue on and Shohei is showing up for the Derby. John Rahm makes a miraculous moment and we discuss Leo. Cheers!

2021 June 13 / Cheers From The Press Box

Joe and Brennan reflect on what they’ve gotten wrong as the playoffs continue. Also they cover how two quarterbacks are dealing with their trade request. We also touch on potential expansion of the CFP, the growth of AEW and more. Cheers!

2021 June 07 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe give you all the playoff coverage you’re looking for. Also Julio has a new home, Coach K is going home, and John Rahm is stuck home. Cheers!