Category: Cheers From The Press Box

Comedian Brennan Tasseff and professional podcaster Joe Dorvil (A New Low and Who Does A Podcast?) bring you inside their conversations as they breakdown the past week in sports. Producer, El Greg, chimes in and leads a spirited round of Quick Hits.

2020 October 08 / Cheers From The Press Box

The boys start talking the NBA Finals, then quickly go on a tangent. The recap both Monday Night Football games and the effects of the coronavirus on the NFL season. They go over the MLB Playoff and let you know who won the WNBA Finals.

2020 October 06 / Cheers From The Press Box

Joe finally has something to celebrate, even if he knows it was smoke and mirrors. Brennan loses to Joe Burrow and takes his anger out on Kyler. The boys also discuss all the goings on in the NFL weekend. Jimmy Butler had a stellar performance in Game 3 of the Finals, is this a turning point for the Heat and can the Lakers bounce back? And what is happening in College Football? All this and more on another episode of Cheers From The Press Box.

2020 October 01 / Cheers From The Press Box

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a doozy, so Joe and Brennan decipher what it all means. They also look back at the Monday Night Football game and look ahead at the dreadful Thursday Night Football game. They also rip into Adam Gase and Joe goes on a victory lap.

2020 September 29 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe recap, extensively, a wild week in football. They also preview the NBA Finals, discuss the Lightning’s Stanley Cup victory, preview the MLB Playoffs, and look ahead to the WNBA Finals. Also we are producer-less and aren’t good at keeping an eye on time. We LOVE to talks sports.

2020 September 24 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe recap Heat v. Celtics Game 4 and look ahead to Game 4 of Lakers v. Nuggets. They discuss if Drew Brees is washed and Brennan is pumped for TNF. All this and more and…some technical difficulties.

2020 September 22 / Cheers From The Press Box

Brennan and Joe navigate their way through Week 2 of the NFL season. Greg steers the ship. Joe’s beloved Nuggets are down 0-2 and Bryson is a cool name.

2020 September 17 / Cheers From The Press Box

After the Nuggets Game 7 win, Joe calls an audible, making this now a twice per week podcast. Brennan and Joe breakdown the Game 7 along with the Celtics v. Heat series. They also preview the Browns v. Bengals Thursday Night Football game, recap Monday Night Football and discuss the U.S. Open (Golf).

2020 September 15 / Cheers From The Press Box

In our inaugural episode, Brennan and Joe breakdown the opening of the 2020 NFL season, where we are in the NBA Playoffs, predict who will make it to the World Series, and cover Naomi Osaka’s recent Grand Slam victory.
Joe tells us where he is in his fandom for college athletics and Brennan lets us know why he loves sports.