Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2021 April 01 / A New Low

Scott is growing his brand. Joe gets propositioned. Farzad is celebrating “White Boys”, and Greg does a set on Kyle’s Late Night Show.

2021 March 25 / A New Low

Joe has a vaguely serious conversation. Greg has a shocking reveal. Scott takes life lessons from TikTok. Kyle talks tasty cakes. And Farzad fetches a sandwich.

2021 March 18 / A New Low

Farzad steers the ship for some wonderful holiday cheer. Joe’s in a text thread, Greg needs support, Scott has bed bugs, and Kyle gets sloppy.

2021 March 11 / A New Low

We discuss the royal family, cancel culture, and look back at the year that has been. Scott teaches us about New Earth and Farzad has a special surprise!

2021 March 04 / A New Low

Breakfast burritos can make you poop at work after trading stocks on the blockchain with Seth Rogan and JJ Watt at CVS.

2021 February 25 / A New Low

The boys are back to discuss new beverages, hair length, car accidents and salad etiquette. They also talk Nomadland and debate sports.

2021 February 18 / A New Low

This week Greg has a question, Joe has a story, Kyle may want a pet, Scott is looking for that guy and Farzad speaks French.

2021 February 11 / A New Low

Joe asks an age old question and Kyle likes a specific condiment with his fries. Farzad has another drink for us and Greg wants to save the birds. All that and Scott pitches a shutout!

2021 February 04 / A New Low

As Scott and Joe try to climb aboard the rocket to the moon, Kyle is feeling toothie, Greg wants to play, and Farzad has a cocktail. Also the Parisian police, drunks!

2021 January 28 / A New Low

On this untethered episode we start off with a bang, like certain stocks. They we have some discussion about pets and monkeys, Kyle’s still drinking, Farzad’s back and not happy. Oh and Joe mispronounced things.