Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2021 September 16 / A New Low

The boys are back, taking care of their skin, lifting each other up, nursing injuries and looking back at a legend.

2021 September 09 / A New Low

Down a man, these four ho(e)st discover a new form in ventriloquism and a fondness for Christian Rock. They also discuss what may attract them to someone else and someone has a new nickname.

2021 September 02 / A New Low

Kyle gets upset with Joe’s mess, Farzad has started swiping again, Greg hates a fake fight, and Scott wants to visit Florida.

2021 August 26 / A New Low

Scott has an anatomy question, Farzad has been seduced, Kyle is a week late, Greg does a deep dive into cucumbers, and Joe’s been traveling.

2021 August 19 / A New Low

The boys slide into more bread talk, some breeches talk, and devil talk.

2021 August 12 / A New Low

The title is all you need to know. Get into it!

2021 August 05 / A New Low

Based on the Amanda Knox Saga, the boys put on their robes, play their theme songs with their friends as they stand in line at the grocery store.

2021 July 29 / A New Low

Joe doesn’t want to be unique, Kyle goes digital, Greg fears getting old, Farzad takes a Detour, and Scott can’t work Zoom.

2021 July 22 / A New Low

The boys finally meet up and recap it, and other things…not really.

2021 July 15 / A New Low

As the crew gets ready for their sojourn to Vegas, where Scott sits patiently, we discuss pickup lines, purchases, Kyle on another pod, the Mare, and a host of other things!