Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2022 January 20 / A New Low

Farzad kicks off the great apple debate, Kyle is into words, Joe tries to keep calm, Greg is both positive and negative, all while Scott has a thing for thongs.

2022 January 13 / A New Low

We sob at the feet of our favorite celebrities as Spiderman can’t make a phone call to get us some beers. Therefore we hit A New Low!

2022 January 06 / A New Low

The boys are back! Joe think he’s in The Matrix, Greg has a cough, Kyle hates something, Farzad got on a train, and Scott is healthy.

2021 December 29 / A New Low

The boys wrap up the year the only way they know how…drunk and disorderly while yelling at Farzad. Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022.

2021 December 23 / A New Low

This week the boys take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of their best moments from the year that was in the 2nd Annual OH BOI Awards. Enjoy and feel free to laugh your head off. Oh yeah don’t forget to vote for your favorite nominees on our Twitter, polls will be open for until the winners are revealed Jan. 5th have a Merry Christmas and don’t forget the commies are coming.

2021 December 16 / A New Low

Greg gets weird, Joe gets hard, Kyle’s seen Sandy Claws, Scott got a toy and Farzad has gotten to the egg nog early. What’s a show!!!

2021 December 09 / A New Low

This is the Banana Pineapple Upside Cake of episodes, longing for a time when Bennifer was a thing. Plus Joe is moving, Greg is the cucked father of the son, Scott has some stats, and Farzad says thanks.

2021 December 02 / A New Low

Joe travels around the sun to gets some food, Greg wants you to chat up your dentist, Kyle defends his inner child, Farzad thinks everything is, “Good,” and Scott provides a doozy.

2021 November 24 / A New Low

Kyle wants to know who has ink, Greg takes us to church, Farzad wants a boost, Joe breaks in, and Scott starts a Thanksgiving sides debate that tests our friendship.

2021 November 18 / A New Low

The boys crack open a cookie tin to find a decorative Altoid tin filled with Muppets, an actor, and a scrambler.