Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2021 December 02 / A New Low

Joe travels around the sun to gets some food, Greg wants you to chat up your dentist, Kyle defends his inner child, Farzad thinks everything is, “Good,” and Scott provides a doozy.

2021 November 24 / A New Low

Kyle wants to know who has ink, Greg takes us to church, Farzad wants a boost, Joe breaks in, and Scott starts a Thanksgiving sides debate that tests our friendship.

2021 November 18 / A New Low

The boys crack open a cookie tin to find a decorative Altoid tin filled with Muppets, an actor, and a scrambler.

2021 November 11 / A New Low

Greg gets personalized jerseys, Joe discovers a family connection, and Farzad gets drunk off fries. Scott does his best to host 4th and 10 and Kyle doesn’t have much to say.

2021 November 04 / A New Low

Listen as these five brave brothers enter the depths of Shaolin and fend off the two main dudes that won’t allow space between Halloween and Christmas.

2021 October 28 / A New Low

Scott tells Kyle’s story, Joe hates a beloved pop icon, Farzad get his PSL, and El Greg reads other people’s words. Yee.

2021 October 21 / A New Low

Greg asks a bubbling question, Farzad and Joe hop on a couple of birds and listen to them. All while Kyle has a dental emergency.

2021 October 14 / A New Low

Scott is confused by the seasons, Greg goes to the ballpark, Kyle wants a good intro, Farzad is an a-word, and Joe goes hunting. And we all are better for it.

2021 October 08 / A New Low

We got caught in a lightning storm, while wearing cardigans, at a Jugger event at Urban Meyer’s bar.

2021 September 30 / A New Low

This week we had a mix of terminations, crypto hamsters, taco pees, tape delays and hall of fame Canadians. The final result was a spontaneous combustion of happiness. In other words, just another instant classic episode of A New Low. Get some.