Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2021 June 03 / A New Low

Farzad has a long journey, Kyle hates New Romans, Scott’s back from Vegas, Greg reminisce on a Group anniversary, and Joe looks to settle down.

2021 May 27 / A New Low

We are 1 year old and Scott is scouting Vegas for our trip later. Farzad isn’t paying attention, Joe’s lost some things, Kyle may or may not want to be a vigilante, and Greg is riding an avalanche.

2021 May 20 / A New Low

This episode was a shit show but the boys laughed their asses off, Joe felt the lumber, Kyle is a prude, Farzad likes radioactive spirits, El Greg decorates, and Scott was there.

2021 May 13 / A New Low

It’s the BIG 5-0, is Joe drinking again? Farzad has begun buying in “bulk”, Kyle can’t get enough of mobile games, Greg informs us about some traditions, and Scott tries to stay alive.

2021 May 06 / A New Low

On this episode Joe has one too many, Farzad claims another nationality, Scott ponders about the live chickens, Kyle can’t get a song out of his head and Greg gets back to some semblance of normal life.

2021 April 29 / A New Low

The boys eat hot dogs outside a new bar. They talk Oscars, aging, and life post Covid. After a couple 805’s, (NOT an IPA), they race through the streets.

2021 April 22 / A New Low

Everyone is here. Farzad recaps 420, Joe shreds, Greg checks out, and Scott is divisive.

2021 April 15 / A New Low

This episode bifurcated us all.

2021 April 08 / A New Low

We rediscover Ray Romano, rip some jeans, and get ready for a tournament. We discuss Boss Level and Promising Young Woman. Crack a 10% beer and enjoy the episode!