Category: A New Low

5 Guys gets together and chat about their disappointments throughout the week while shitting on each other.

2020 September 18 / A New Low

With sports back the boys discuss some gambling, TV homes they would like to stay in, and the most important meal. Farzad wants to get back in touch with his roots and Joe “Thanks Greg,” unironically.

2020 September 11 / A New Low

The boys kick off the NFL season whilst witnessing our impending doom. A new form of gutters is also discovered while dropping loads of knowledge.

2020 September 04 / A New Low

With the NFL season starting next week, many topics regarding football are discussed, including rich and diverse dietary habits.

2020 August 28 / A New Low

If you make it through some disgusting bodily function talk at the beginning, you are in for an enlightening journey into the past and present worlds of our five hosts. This one is full of treasure and pain.

2020 August 21 / A New Low

A hot debate ravages the boys this week, crystallizing the polarized nature of modern day American society. The real question is, who is a cultured human being and who is a heathen?

2020 August 13 / A New Low

We review Ben Shapiro’s latest single featuring Nickleback, drinking seltzers and enjoying omelettes.

2020 August 07 / A New Low

Buoyed by the success of our first nine episodes and increasing popular demand, we finally did it. A New Low…LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, BABAY!!!

2020 July 31 / A New Low

On this throwback of an episode, Kyle wrangles the boys as they debate contentiously on various subjects, many including a certain fish from the Istiophoridae family.

2020 July 24 / A New Low

Hot bars are dropped on this Joe-hosted episode, as well as revealing information about some of the hosts.

2020 July 17 / A New Low

With somewhat of a return to normalcy, Greg returns to hosting the show. The boys also debut a brand new segment.