Tag: Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle (A New Low) take their obsession with Hamilton to a new level, as they review and rank the musical song by song.

2020 October 21 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe is hosting this week, which means it’s a rollercoaster. Kyle and Joe breakdown “Wait For It” and do a companion Historical Nugget segment. Also no Farzad no problem, El Greg steps in, in relief and delivers the goods.

2020 October 14 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle recap The Story of Tonight, again. Because it’s a Reprise. Will Burr ever give us that verse?

2020 October 07 / Who Does A Podcast?

This week the boys break down Satisfied. And they are joined by a special guest. Oh and Farzad does that Farzad thing. A toast to you.

2020 September 30 / Who Does A Podcast?

We made it to Episode 10!!! Kyle and Joe give their thoughts on Helpless, go through quite a few “Rap Reference,” and Joe has a new drop.

2020 September 23 / Who Does A Podcast?

On this episode Joe and Kyle recap their Hamilton Watch Party then get right to it as they share their thoughts on “A Winter’s Ball.”

2020 September 18 / Who Does A Podcast?

Hear ye, hear ye, my name is Joseph Dorvil and I present “Free Thoughts on Right Hand Man”

2020 September 16 / Who Does A Podcast?

Here comes Generals Kyle and Joe to breakdown “Right Hand Man.” Farzad has something in the oven, again. All this and more surprises on this new episode of Who Does A Podcast! Remember to follow us on both Twitter and Instagram for all updates and announcements.

2020 September 09 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle are introduced to the Mad King in “You’ll Be Back,” Farzad has something in the oven, and Joe brings some new production to the show.

2020 September 02 / Who Does A Podcast?

This week Kyle and Joe share there thoughts and opinions on, “Farmer Refuted.” Joe tries to recover from last weeks blunder, while Kyle gathers his crops.

2020 August 26 / Who Does A Podcast?

This week Joe and Kyle share their popular, and unpopular, opinions on, “The Schuyler Sisters,” one of the hallmark songs from the show. (Note from anonymous host – “Don’t hate me.”)