Category: Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle (A New Low) take their obsession with Hamilton to a new level, as they review and rank the musical song by song.

2021 June 09 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe bring you the final song of the play, (Fire the confetti cannons). They look into some of what Eliza was getting into for those 50 years. 46 Short weeks. It’s been a labor of love. Thank you all, and come back next week as we will re-rank it all.

2021 June 02 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle near the end, but do not disappoint in the penultimate episode. The World Was Wide Enough for all rankings over the duration of this soundtrack.

2021 May 26 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe breakdown this very short song with the help of many of our loyal listeners. We also read a couple letters written by Hamilton.

2021 May 19 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle wear there respective hats as they breakdown this song and they ask their producer to change hats to help them delve deeper. Be obedient and listen immediately.

2021 May 12 / Who Does A Podcast?

Coming off the latest re-watch Kyle and Joe get back to politics with The Election Of 1800. They bring back a popular wrinkle to the Historical Nuggets and we get a shortened recap from producer Yumeiyo (Rick). We’re going door to door to make sure you listen!

2021 May 05 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle and joined by another Company member, PCG on Discord, (Paul). We immerse ourselves in sadness as we discuss It’s Quiet Uptown. Don’t forget re-watch Saturday, May 8th! See ya there!

2021 April 28 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe are joined by Tommy and we sink our teeth into Stay Alive (Reprise). We give you some duel knowledge, medical advancements and the end of a man. We earned our Explicit Tag this week. Parents, be on guard to cover your kids ears.

2021 April 21 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle have finally put, “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” and all the fallout from it. Now we have entered a brand new day, that is immediately snuffed out and we breakdown everything that leads up to it. We think you’ll be blown away by this episode.

2021 April 14 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe bare their sole along with Eliza (Phillipa Soo) as they discuss Burn. The Ham Boys dive deep into the tragedy that Hamilton left in his wake. Disclaimer: Joe has a new mic and is getting use to it.

2021 April 07 / Who Does A Podcast?

Finally! Joe and Kyle discuss all the fallout and madness that has been stacking up against Hamilton. Listening to this episode will give you one less thing to worry about, so get to it.