Category: Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle (A New Low) take their obsession with Hamilton to a new level, as they review and rank the musical song by song.

2020 December 16 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle revisit King George’s past, Joe talks about somethings in the present as he wears a present. Producer El Greg crushes his (Final?) appearance and we ask a very important question…What Comes Next?

2020 December 09 / Who Does A Podcast?

We’ve made it to episode 20 and the comment section has turned upside down because we are joined by friend of the show, Beth (aka Smo) to break down and dig into the true facts about the Battle of “Yorktown”.

2020 December 02 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe look history in the eye for their breakdown of, “History Has Its Eyes On You.” They cover George Washington’s first command and decipher what the General is try to tell Hamilton in this song.

2020 November 25 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe makes a huge mistakes, but Kyle and Greg pull up the ship and help him bring it home for this Thanksgiving week episode. Special Announcement in the show!

2020 November 18 / Who Does A Podcast?

This week Joe and Kyle review, “That Would Be Enough.” They breakdown the Historical Nugget in a different way this week and have a few thoughtful realizations.

2020 November 11 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle and Joe have secured a producer, begrudgingly, so they can continue on with the show as constructed. This week we review, “Meet Me Inside.” So knuckle up and get in someone’s face as you listen to this breakdown.

2020 November 04 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle are producer-less and they don’t care one bit. They are determined to give you a show regardless. This week we go over the Rules to Duel.

2020 October 28 / Who Does A Podcast?

Kyle is at the helm this week as we try to keep our heads. A show first with the Historical “Nugget.” We also recap the Watch Party with producer El Greg, once again, sitting in for Farzad.

2020 October 21 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe is hosting this week, which means it’s a rollercoaster. Kyle and Joe breakdown “Wait For It” and do a companion Historical Nugget segment. Also no Farzad no problem, El Greg steps in, in relief and delivers the goods.

2020 October 14 / Who Does A Podcast?

Joe and Kyle recap The Story of Tonight, again. Because it’s a Reprise. Will Burr ever give us that verse?